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Using AI To Improve Delivery Management Software

Delivery Biz Pro offers the best delivery management software for your business. Our powerful software allows you to have a professional website and customer marketplace to promote your business, offers the best administrative tools so you can manage customers, products, and inventory, and allows you to manage your data easily and seamlessly. With our mobile driver software, communication with your delivery drivers is instantaneous, saving you money as your drivers can now make edits to orders, take payments, and more.

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are the wave of the future. However, they require lots of data to run. As more varied data sets are added, machine learning applications mature. That is, the better the data, the better the outcome.

However, if the AI data is flawed that is imputed from the beginning, what happens?

Nothing. That’s why GetSwift’s chief AI architect is largely responsible for inventing a system for machine learning applications to interpret the quality of new data. This new system is referred to as veracity.

The patent, which was granted in 2019 by the US Patent and Trademark Office to GetSwift’s Jim Barnebee and three former colleagues from IBM Watson, has streamlined knowledge graphs, massive data and AI so that machine learning systems can now distinguish between unique stores of data.

However, data the world over is different from one another. Veracity allows machine learning to make sure the date is correct and update knowledge graphs accordingly.

Veracity can be critical for businesses.

For example, you can now take the enormous amounts of data that you collect from your sales business and products that can now be able to distinguish between real sales, data anomalies, and even where theft or fraud may be occurring. With AI, you can train your system to find these data anomalies once the truth has been established.

Jim’s patent also includes the use of blockchain to create a clear record. Blockchain is better than human memory for absorbing information as it occurs and then using that information to form better methods of doing things.

Jim’s patent helped solve the veracity and memory problems, which is now improving knowledge graphs on a continual basis.

A former DARPA developer with groundbreaking work on Java as a language and encryption tool for the US Navy, Jim has been working on ontologies and knowledge graphs for years as a DARPA developer and for the US Navy, as well as for Unisys and Orbis. In fact, he currently runs one of the largest ontology special interest groups on LinkedIn.

GetSwift is now poised to take our cloud-based delivery management software to the next level with Jim and our chief technology officer, Dennis Noto, leading the charge into the next generation of computing.

Delivery Biz Pro’s best delivery management software is powerful, indeed. However, we are never content to rest on our laurels, and we are always looking for ways to help your business by tightening processes and making your managing of deliveries a piece of cake. Contact us today to learn more!