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Taking Your Cannabis Delivery to a Whole New Level, Part 1

Unlike delivering dry cleaning, many people rely on cannabis delivery services to get the relief they need from the ailment or condition they are suffering from. A cannabis delivery service has a lot riding on on-time delivery services with the right product. In order to ensure that your growing cannabis delivery service keeps track of all the orders and compliance hoops you have to go through in order to deliver cannabis, you need reliable delivery management software.

Delivery Biz Pro offers the best delivery management software that not only you can use, but your customers can use as well. You’ll be able to track orders, schedule their delivery, and plan the best route, while your customers can place orders, modify them, and pay online through our software. Your drivers will be given the best routes for delivery. Plus, you’ll have all of your monthly and yearly numbers right at your fingertips, making tracking and analyzing your numbers easy. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how you can take your cannabis delivery business to the next level. Contact us today!


Satisfying Legalities

You need to get licensed, just like other businesses do. In order to operate a service business or a cannabis delivery business, you’ll have to get a business license. In essence, a business license is telling the state in which you live that you now own a business. There are various types of business licenses available, depending on your business. The most important fact for you to think about is if you will have a physical location, or you are only delivering. This will affect which type of business license you get. Delivery Biz Pro acknowledges that every state has slightly different rules so make sure you check with your state before delivering your first cannabis delivery.

Building a Professional Website

Especially in the cannabis business, you need to have a professional appearance in everything that you do, including your online presence. You want to avoid people thinking you are not a legitimate cannabis delivery business, which a non-existent or shoddy website gives the impression of. You want everything to be clean and crisp.

Delivery Biz Pro offers a professional customer marketplace when you sign up for our delivery management software. Both you and your customers will have your unique dashboards for use. You’ll be able to make modifications to your own content, add pictures, and update the site at will with our delivery management tools. Being mobile-friendly with automatic email communications, clear signup and order processes, and order reminders will go a long way towards attracting new customers.


There are a lot of legal hoops you will have to jump through when you take on a cannabis delivery service. From tracking your vehicles through GPS and recording every transaction, a cannabis delivery service can be challenging.

Delivery Biz Pro can help by taking off your plate the management of cannabis delivery services. When your time is streamlined, lots more things get done. Contact us today to get started with our delivery management software!