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Software for Dairy Farm Management Drives Dairy’s Expansion

Chain Store Age, a leading retail news site, has published an article highlighting South Mountain Creamery’s highly successful use of Delivery Biz PRO technology. The dairy farm has been using the delivery software for 11 years and it has been able to expand its operations significantly.

According to the article, the Maryland based farm had been delivering milk in glass bottles to customers’ doorsteps since 2001. Before it started using software for dairy farm management, it had a very rudimentary delivery system for its products. With the implementation of Delivery Biz PRO, South Mountain Creamery was able to launch a virtual farmer’s market.

The dairy management technology enabled the company to deliver dairy, meat, and produce to locations within a 70-mile radius from its base. The delivery software facilitated the delivery of items from other farms, allowing customers to add complementary foods to their orders.

Delivery Biz PRO is known for its user-friendly and business-friendly solutions. Customers can easily place items in a shopping cart online and make changes up until 11:59 on the night before delivery. There’s no need to check out since the items in the cart at the cut-off time are automatically packaged for delivery. Delivery Biz PRO’s dairy management software is aimed at making the delivery process as simple and efficient as possible.