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When reading articles or doing research about delivery management software like ours, you might come across the term ‘last-mile delivery’. This has become a buzzword lately and has many business owners thinking about the ‘last mile’ of their delivery service. 

What Is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery refers to the transfer of goods from a transportation hub to its final destination — usually a residence or business address. The goal of a business is to be able to deliver the goods as fast as possible and for the least amount of money. This results in happy customers and a happy business budget. 

Thanks to the ‘Amazon Effect,’ customers expect fast and accurate delivery. And this isn’t just for ordering things like books or clothing online! This includes recurring delivery services such as milk, meal kits, propane, oxygen, water, and the like. They want to be able to update their cart at 10:00pm and have their new items delivered the next day. 

Additionally, the ‘last mile’ can also refer to the time that a delivered good is left sitting on a customer’s porch. Even with good packaging, a box of fresh produce or milk can only last so long in the hot sun. The longer a package sits unattended on a porch, the more susceptible it might become to porch pirates. Will the customer even know it made it that last mile? 

With a local farmer delivering produce or a regional water delivery company, handling last-minute changes and still ensuring the goods get to where they need to be on time poses a major challenge. However, with a highly customizable and intuitive last-mile delivery software, even small businesses can succeed at this feat. 

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Delivery Biz Pro solves a lot of these problems by allowing a set order cut-off time so customers can make changes as late as you can feasibly allow them to. Our home delivery software also allows drivers to mark when an order has been delivered and automatically send customers an update to let them know their package is on the porch. 

Where We Come In

For those who haven’t heard the good news, Delivery Biz Pro was recently acquired by GetSwift, a leading pioneer in last-mile delivery software. The CEO of GetSwift, Bane Hunter, recognizes the value that comes with software like Delivery Biz Pro, saying, “Delivery BIZ Pro is a proven and leading delivery management system in the attractive recurring delivery market in North America. With its diverse product offering including front-end ordering, route mapping and business intelligence, DBP and GetSwift will enable customers to have an end-to-end last-mile solution in key markets.” 

Let Us Help Optimize Your Last-Mile Delivery

For small- and medium-sized businesses, fine-tuning your last-mile delivery can seem impossible, but thankfully there are delivery softwares like Delivery Biz Pro that do the work for you from automated order sheets to route planning to customer communication and more. Take a look at our features to discover how our software can optimize your last mile and request a home delivery software demo today!

You can read more about GetSwift’s acquisition of Delivery Biz Pro here.