Delivery Routing Software

How To Plan Routes For Deliveries

How do you plan routes for your home delivery business? Do you pull out a crinkled old map and carefully plot each point by hand? Chances are you don’t do that, as we all know that would be inefficient and likely full of errors. But are you taking advantage of the technology available to effectively plan your delivery routes? If you’re not using a fully integrated delivery software like Delivery Biz Pro, then you probably are not. 

The Problem With Manual Routing or Free Route Makers

Manual routing is not only time-consuming, it also leaves room for human error. Anytime you need to import addresses one by one into a routing software, you run the risk of accidentally skipping customers, meaning you’re not delivering what people have paid you to do. 

At the same time, most free routing programs only allow you to design a route based on addresses, and cannot accurately account for unexpected road construction, last-minute changes to orders, or anything of the sort. 

In short, this type of route planning doesn’t allow you to empower your drivers like Delivery Biz Pro does. Our software gives drivers the ability to take orders on the road, move routes around heavy traffic without missing any homes, and so much more. 

Choose A Delivery Routing Software That Is Fully Integrated

Delivery routes aren’t just addresses. You need to ensure every aspect of your software is integrated so that a route is planned based on who actually needs a delivery that day and what they ordered. 

Delivery Biz Pro truly does it all. One of the key benefits of DBP software is its ability to generate load and drop sheets with the click of a button. This means your team will be able to load trucks in a first-one-in-last-one-out order that makes drop-offs a breeze. You can also order your load sheets alphabetically, based on the warehouse location, or any other number of arrangements. 

Routes can be designated by region or by day of the week so that customers and drivers have more input about their deliveries. They can also send text alerts to customers to let them know their delivery has been dropped off so that everyone is always kept in the loop — all with one convenient app interface. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to make your business better. 

Using these tools allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere, cut down on delivery costs, and provide better service to your customers. 

Plan Routes With Delivery Biz Pro

Our route planning software makes running a delivery business easy. That’s because we do so much more than just routing! We are your all-in-one software that seamlessly integrates your website, customer communication, payments, inventory management, delivery routing, truck loading, product management, and so much more. 

We would love to show you our delivery routing software in action! Give us a call if you have any questions or fill out our questionnaire to schedule a free demo and see if DBP is the right fit for your business.