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How To Integrate A New Home Delivery Software Into Your Business

When it comes time to find a better way to manage, organize, and route deliveries, you can feel like you’re staring at a brick wall. You’ve reached a point where you can’t move forward, but you’re not sure what’s on the other side of that wall, let alone how to get over it.

We’ve been there. Change is scary, especially when your livelihood is on the line. But sometimes you have to take the leap in order to grow your delivery business. When you start using a home delivery software like Delivery Biz Pro, you can depend on us to help hoist you over the wall and ensure you have a soft landing on the other side. We will not only be your software provider but your software partner as well.

Our co-founders, Judd and Erick, founded DBP with customer service in mind. Erick said that when he joined DBP in 2007, it was “refreshing to be a part of a team that actually cared about their customers.” Judd echoes this sentiment, having said, “My goal in this career has been simple: listen to the client and built solutions that give them results.”

As a global software provider, we have team members all over the world ready to help you. From Colorado to Michigan and from Australia to Pakistan, the DBP team is here to provide you with an easy-to-use software and training to ensure you are getting the most out of your software.

We hope that knowing our commitment to you and your business makes you feel a little less intimidated by switching to an entirely new home delivery software. If you’re still needing some help getting over that brick wall, then keep reading below for a few quick tips on integrating a new delivery software.

Determine Your Goals

First, determine what you want to get out of your software. Why do you know that it’s time to upgrade to a better software? Are your drivers consistently missing deliveries? Do your customers request later order cut-off times? Are you unsure how much money your business is making and how much these deliveries are costing you? Do you want to have more comprehensive data that can help you find areas to improve? Are your drivers working late every day because of bad driving routes?

Every company that goes looking for the best delivery software on the market is doing so because they have a goal in mind, so what is yours?

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Find A Software That Can Achieve Your Goal

Next, make sure the software you are choosing can help you achieve your goals. Knowing that you are working with a competent software company that frequently updates their products and — for lack of a better phrase — knows what they’re doing, can give you peace of mind that even if changes bring some tension to your business, your delivery software company is going to be there to pick you up.

We say this all the time here on the DBP blog, but selling you a software that won’t work for your business isn’t good for either of us. We’d rather be honest with you if our software isn’t a good fit for your business model than end up wasting our time and yours. For that reason, we have an “Apply Now” button on our website that gives you the opportunity to tell us your goals for your business. Then, we’ll schedule a time to chat more and make sure we’ll be able to help you get there before we sign any paperwork.

Train Up Your Team

Every new process requires training. Find a time to train anyone on your team who will be interacting with the software before implementing it, from the customer service team to the drivers. This will help get them familiar and allow them to ask questions before it’s go-time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

We are providing you a service, and that service doesn’t stop when you start using our home delivery software. At Delivery Biz Pro, we’re here to help you get your software set up as well as provide you with ongoing support throughout your time working with us. We don’t expect you to be a software expert, so if you are confused about something, just ask.

Learn More About Our Home Delivery Software

The beauty of two businesses working together is that we are both experts in our industries. While DBP provides industry-leading delivery management software, you provide your customers with unparalleled service in your industry, whether you’re delivering ready-to-assemble meal kits, bottled water, propane, dairy, or another product.

So, let’s deliver the goods together! Get in touch with Delivery Biz Pro to learn more about integrating our comprehensive delivery software into your business model. You’ll see how easy it can be when you use a software service that has been around long enough to know what our customers, and your customers, are looking for. Get in touch today!