Dairy Management Software

How Dairy Delivery Software Helps Small Farms

Small farms offering dairy delivery often run into a problem. As more and more people want to ensure they are giving their families the very best milk and dairy products, many dairy farms have a hard time keeping up with demand. This is especially true when they offer something as convenient as fresh milk delivery. 

That’s where we come in! Delivery Biz Pro provides stellar dairy delivery software that helps small farms keep up with the logistics of selling dairy products online, ensuring timely and fresh delivery, and keeping track of milk bottles or coolers. 

Dairy Management Software Helps You…

Make accurate deliveries on time. 

In the world of convenient dairy delivery, you need to ensure you are giving your customers exactly what they ordered. Our software automatically generates delivery routes and allows drivers to see exactly what needs to be included in each drop-off. 

Give customers control of their accounts. 

Customers should never feel as if they are in the dark about your service. Our dairy delivery software allows customers to view their order history, set vacation dates to pause deliveries, add or remove items from their order at the last minute, update their secure payment options, receive alerts about scheduled deliveries, and so much more. 

Keep track of bottle and cooler deposits. 

The milk and dairy delivery industry has unique requirements, which is why you can’t just use any old home delivery software to run your business. One of these unique features is deposits for glass milk bottles or porch coolers where deliveries can be dropped off. With our software, you can see who has outstanding bottles or coolers and make arrangements to have those returned when needed. 

Manage your inventory. 

The last thing you want is to sell more of a product than you have available. With our dairy management solution, you can create “out of stock” alerts that will not allow customers to add an item to their cart if there is not enough inventory to meet demand. 

Offer discounts and suggest products. 

One of the best ways to keep customers is by offering them a special discount. With the Delivery Biz Pro software, you can text or email promotions and discount codes directly to customers. These can include discounts for abandoned carts, birthdays, holidays, and other events. At the same time, our software makes it easy to “suggest” related items to customers to encourage larger checkouts. If they order butter from your website, perhaps they also want to order a loaf of freshly baked bread. We make it easy to show them related items for purchase. 

Try Our Dairy Delivery Software Today

Small farms can easily compete with the “big guys” when they have the right technology powering their brand. Delivery Biz Pro makes it easy for dairy owners to provide their customers with the absolute best service with customizable, user-friendly dairy software. 

Reach out today to learn more or schedule a free demo of the Delivery Biz Pro software to try it for yourself!