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Case Study: Skarsgard Farms Grows With Our CSA Software

Delivery Biz Pro is back with another success story from one of our fantastic clients. This week’s story is from Skarsgard Farms, a community-supported agriculture (CSA) service that delivers fresh produce from various micro-producers across the entire state of New Mexico. From fresh fruits and vegetables to meat, eggs, dairy, bread, grains, and much more, Skarsgard Farms supports local growers find success. 

By providing a service that utilizes small farmers in the area, residents can support local agriculture and those farmers don’t have to spend their resources hunting down customers. It’s a win-win-win for Skarsgard, their members, and the producers. 

More Profit, More Local Farmers, Less Work

The owner of Skarsgard Farms, Monte Skarsgard, says, “We use Delivery Biz Pro across the entire state of New Mexico to deliver 275 SKUs from micro-producers, ranging from strawberries to eggs to steak…Most of these producers are far too small to get shelf space at Whole Foods or a traditional grocer.”

On the benefits of using our CSA management software for their service, Skarsgard Farms mentions that DBP does the work of “four or five” administrative assistants while eliminating human error from the process. 

Bigger Than Just A Routing Software

DBP doesn’t simply serve as their delivery routing software, though. They also utilize DBP’s data collection capabilities to target specific customers. Because placing an order requires an email address, anyone who has ordered tomatoes, for example, will be placed into a category where they can later be retargeted with an email announcing a fresh harvest of heirloom tomatoes. 

These types of functions from our CSA software have allowed businesses like Skarsgard Farms to optimize their marketing, reach and keep more customers, and support other small businesses along the way. 

Skarsgard Farms has also found that they benefit from the automated routing features of their CSA software. The delivery routing software in our product can identify the most profitable routes so that the farm can determine where to focus their marketing efforts. 

Playing To The Market

As we mentioned above, Skarsgard Farms operates out of New Mexico, a state that is not known for producing a plethora and variety of produce year-round due to its desert climate. This provides a market area in which residents want fresh, colorful, local, and organic fruits and veggies. 

The Skarsgard Farms website addresses this, saying, “We recognize that New Mexico is not an ideal point on the map to produce food year-round, so we partner with growers in neighboring states in addition to New Mexico to fill the void in diversity and availability of produce here in the Land of Enchantment. This turns our community into a regional community, inclusive of New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Mexico so that our members can receive amazing, Certified Organic produce all year long instead of being limited by the seasonality of our local area.”

Grow Your CSA With Delivery Biz Pro

Skarsgard Farms is a unique business that provides a CSA-type service that combines the produce and products of farms across multiple states. Whether you’re a multi-state service like Skarsgard or you run a small CSA farm, our software can help you grow your business.

Our CSA software allows you to focus on providing your members with high-quality, diverse products without having to worry about logistics. From intuitive route planning to an integrated website, payment, and ordering system, you can take your CSA further without having to employ a handful of assistants and an IT team. We handle that for you, so you can help your community thrive with fresh, local food. 

To learn more about how Delivery Biz Pro can help your business thrive, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to hop on the phone and see if our product is right for your business model. 

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