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Case Study: Eketahuna Country Meats Finds Success With Our Dairy Management Software

We are often asked, “Will your delivery management software work for my business?” In many cases, the answer is yes, simply because we offer so many customizable features and admin tools that empower you to get what you need out of the software. 

That said, one of the biggest industries we serve is the fresh meat and dairy delivery industry which is growing every day. Customers want to know where their meat is coming from. They want to know that the milk they give their children is as pure as possible. Companies like Eketahuna Country Meats makes it easy. 

Optimizing Business With Our Meat & Dairy Software

Eketahuna Country Meats is a meat and dairy delivery business in New Zealand. They began eight years ago as a family with three young children. Like many people, they wanted to feed their children a diet that is high in quality and as low in processed foods as possible. So, they started producing their own meat. Then, they started offering their products to other families and their business continued to grow. 

They specialize in sustainably raised beef, lamb, and pork products along with fresh milk in glass bottles that are delivered right to the doors of their customers. Their products are entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. Because the company was founded by parents of young children, they pull on the heartstrings of other families looking to feed their children the best products possible. 

Meat And Dairy Management Software Helps Keep Things Fresh

Steve Olds, the founder of Eketahuna Country Meats, says they have benefited greatly from partnering with Delivery Biz Pro. He says, “We have been able to expand product volume while improving speed and range of delivery. For perishable items like fresh meat and milk, it’s critical to reach our customers in a timely, accurate fashion and DBP has simplified the process dramatically.”

With the Delivery Biz Pro dairy management software, Eketahuna Country Farms has a beautifully designed website that shows their customers exactly what they can offer them. The meat and dairy software makes it easy to run their business and automatically generates delivery driver routes, sends updates to customers on their orders, and much more

While Eketahuna Country Farms originally sold products only from their own 300-acre farm, they now partner with other local farmers. Not only does this bring those small, sustainable farmers business, but it also expands the types and quantities of products they can offer their customers. 

If you have a similar business and want to know how we can help you, reach out to discuss our meat and dairy management software

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