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Case Study: South Mountain Creamery Uses DBP Dairy Management Software

Delivery Biz Pro is designed to make your home delivery service run smoothly, and we love sharing our clients’ success stories. Today, we’ll be sharing the success of South Mountain Creamery, a milk delivery service based in Middletown, Maryland. 

A Special Client For Delivery Biz Pro

We are proud to say that South Mountain Creamery (SMC) was Delivery Biz Pro’s second client ever and have been using our home delivery software for eleven years. They truly represent what our mission is here at DBP, which is to help small delivery businesses thrive. 

From Spreadsheets To Customizable Software

SMC was founded in 2001 with a goal to “bring back the milkman” by providing local residents with glass milk bottle delivery. When they began their journey, they were relying on a manually updated Excel spreadsheet to track orders and manage deliveries. Now, with our dairy management software, their business runs smoothly, delivering farm-fresh milk, butter, yogurt, and ice cream to residents in a 70-mile radius. 

As they have found success, SMC has added additional products from other local farmers. They now give their customers the option to add fresh eggs, meat, bread, and produce to their orders. Everything is locally sourced, yet customers have the ease of using only one website to place and manage their delivery orders. 

The Bread And Butter Of A Successful Business

A good dairy management software can help a business deliver the goods, but the real driving force behind South Mountain Creamery’s success is rooted deep within their business model. SMC says it best on their website

“Our cows are milked 50 yards away from our production plant. Within 12 hours, the milk is bottled or made into yogurt, cream, butter, sour cream, or ice cream. The incredible flavor and the nutritional value of our dairy products can be attributed to the freshness of the milk and the comfort of our cows. Products like yogurt and ice cream are hand-crafted, recipes of our own making and made fresh for you.”

Customers are welcome to visit their dairy farm any time to see how the magic happens. There, they will find happy cows grazing opening in the pasture. In addition to grass, the cows are fed crops that SMC grows themselves. The owners of South Mountain Creamery, along with the 75 men and women they employ, are perfect examples of how an amazing product combined with an intuitive delivery management software and paired with excellent customer service can help a local farm thrive. 

Optimize Your Dairy Delivery Business

All over the world, people are going back to home milk deliveries. Not only for the convenience, but also so that they can know where their milk and other farm products are coming from. It feels good to support the local economy, and it feels even better to know the path that your dairy has taken from the cow to the finished product. 

If you own a local dairy or farm and want to break into the delivery business like South Mountain Creamery, reach out to Delivery Biz Pro. Our dairy delivery software is designed to meet the needs of your business whether you simply sell milk or you provide as many local products as SMC does.

You can read more about South Mountain Creamery’s story here.