Food Delivery Software

Why Your Subscription Delivery Business Needs Integrated Delivery Software

Whether you’re in the business of produce delivery, meal kits, milk delivery, or another kind of food or grocery delivery, you’re likely looking for ways to expand beyond word-of-mouth and the occasional farmer’s market. Expanding not only means reaching new customers but it also means increasing the average order size placed by your current customers. 

Having an eCommerce store is the first step for most companies, but relying on a website alone and is not enough. If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, every delivery business should be taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by an eCommerce store by connecting it to customizable delivery management software like that from Delivery Biz Pro. Keep reading to learn more.

Increase Repeat Orders

One big advantage of having an eCommerce store is being able to track what your customers buy. This not only helps with inventory management, but also powers your marketing to current customers. Take order tracking a step further by analyzing customer buying habits and then offering suggestions based on those habits. For instance, when you connect Delivery Biz Pro to your eCommerce site, you can determine what products your customers buy and when they buy them and then use that information to send an alert reminding them that it’s time to buy.

A Store Set Up For Subscriptions 

We have been building eCommerce websites specifically for delivery businesses since 2007. As you may know, recurring home delivery businesses won’t work well with just any website store builder. If you went that route, with a generic website store builder, you’d have to integrate it with other new software and stitch these solutions together. In contrast, we provide you with one integrated, out-of-the-box solution for subscription delivery, eliminating any work or cost of patching separate solutions together, and informed by 13 years of experience creating customized subscription delivery eCommerce stores. 

Track Sales, Returns, and Deposits In Real-Time

With only a standalone eCommerce store, you may be able get detailed information related to sales and returns, but it takes time to process. A return can take days to show up in the system and this lag time can create big problems when you’re trying to manage inventory. But with a store synced with delivery software, your sales, returns, and bottle deposits are updated in real-time as your drivers make changes on the road. Our software can be accessed through a mobile app that allows your delivery drivers to manage transactions with the click of a button. Now if a driver has to correct an invoice, the change will be reflected online, immediately. 

 How To Make It Happen

We understand that setting up and running an online store is a big step for many small businesses, but it’s the only way to reach a bigger audience. If you really want your business to reach its full potential, pair it with the delivery software from Delivery Biz Pro. Getting started is easy. We’ll provide the support you need to integrate it with your current business processes and payments system so you can be up and running in no time. You’ll be able to create sales reports, inventory reports, and customer-specific reports that give you the data you need to analyze your business and make informed decisions.  

If you’re looking for tools that can help you grow your subscription delivery business, contact a member of our team.