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Making Your Thanksgiving Deliveries Easy

The holidays are almost here. From booking our flights to getting our hair done and buying Christmas outfits for the kids, many of us are beginning to make our plans for the holidays. It’s a busy time of the year, and if you’re a delivery business, it’s an especially busy time of the year. As technology improves, there is really no true forgiveness for late packages and deliveries of anything, even when it’s snowing like crazy out. Your customers expect their deliveries on time every time.

Delivery Biz Pro offers a delivery management software system that utilizes technology that speeds up your delivery times, maximizes process efficiencies, helps you manage your data, and allows your customers to quickly and easily order items. We help you use technology to create an exceptional user experience coupled with easy navigation on your end as well. Below, we’ll discuss ways to make your Thanksgiving deliveries easy. Contact us today!


Plan For the Delays

While the holidays are a happy time of year, it’s also a very stressful time of year as people hustle and bustle around with too many obligations and time commitments. This can lead people to get angry when normally they wouldn’t. Thus, in order to keep the angry phone calls and emails down, you should have a system in place to notify customers as soon as possible when you know their goods will be delayed. Luckily, Delivery Biz Pro’s delivery management software lets you do just that, simply and easily.

Plan For the Unexpected

While the holidays are a time of celebration and reflection on your blessings, they are also a time of unexpected happenings. From drivers calling in sick and the weather to unforeseen hiccups like your mom flying in unannounced and needing a ride from the airport, you should plan for the unexpected in your deliveries. While you may already have a plan for this, it’s a good idea to leave an extra little buffer so your customers are not expecting the delivery. Most customers understand delays in delivery, but when you set that expectation and don’t meet it, that’s when the anger can seep in. It’s a tried-and-true marketing tactic of under-promise and over-deliver that you can plan in your delivery management software.

Set a Firm Rule on Extensions

It’s quite easy to tell customers they can have their goods expedited when they call in an order late or go online and put in the order late. In fact, you may allow this all the time. Granted, it does increase sales, no doubt. However, during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s about your employees’ family time, not about making an extra few dollars. Be sure to have your phone staff be firm on late orders and deliveries. By using your delivery management software, you can write out a great explanation about the importance of spending time with family is during this season as you explain the firm deadlines.


Happy Thanksgiving!