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Learn About Delivery Biz Pro’s Delivery Management Software

Learn About Delivery Biz Pro’s Delivery Management Software

Learn About Delivery Biz Pro’s Delivery Management Software

Delivery Biz Pro (DBP) is leading the game when it comes to software that manages deliveries, orders, driver routes, and so much more. With more and more people starting small, local businesses delivering everything from milk and water to groceries and meals, having access to a user-friendly software to track and manage orders and deliveries is paramount to making sure you’re not living in the shadows of “the big guys.” Sure, having a ready-to-make meal service like Blue Apron deliver a box of produce right to your door is great — and reliable — but wouldn’t it be nice if that produce came from the organic farm down the road? But how can customers rely on a local farmer to have the same level of organization and customer interface as a million-dollar corporation?

Our delivery management software for small businesses takes the guesswork out of the process of managing customers, creating driver routes, and ensuring that the right deliveries are made to the right houses. We have created our software with local businesses in mind and loaded it with tools to help you gain and retain customers, market your business, and create a reliable network of orders and deliveries.

Keep reading to learn more about Delivery Biz Pro and what our delivery management software can do for your growing business. Or, if you are in the dairy, produce, water, meal, propane, or other similar recurring delivery business and want to see if DBP is the right fit for you, you can set up a time to hop on the phone with one of our representatives here!

Our Scope

While at one point we were a small startup like every other business, we have grown our customer base — who in turn have grown their own customer base — thanks to our delivery management software. In any given week, our customers use DBP software to manage over 600,000 deliveries (that’s over 31 million deliveries per year relying on us). Every month, over $10.2 million dollars of customer money moves safely through our system. Over 70,000 fresh, local products are available around the world thanks to our customer marketplace, and we are the management software of choice for nearly 7,000 small farmers and produce suppliers around the world. That’s a lot of small businesses and their customers counting on our software to work all the time, and our dedicated development team ensures that it does just that.

Your Customer Marketplace

When you sign up with Delivery Biz Pro, you gain access to our team of stellar designers who will help you create a user-friendly online marketplace for your business — in other words, a killer website. Because most people browse the internet on their smartphones, the websites we create are mobile-friendly, meaning they’ll look a little different on an iPhone than they do on a desktop, making it easy for your customers to place orders and view their accounts no matter which device they are using. The websites we build are designed to work with DBP software, helping to integrate the process and give your customers an amazing, easy, fuss-free experience.

What Our Delivery Management Software Does

With so many local delivery businesses relying on DBP, you can bet that we do everything we can to make sure our delivery management software checks all of the boxes — including creating new features as users need them.

If we were to go over every feature and all the ways it could be customized to fit your business, this would look more like an encyclopedia than a blog post. Instead, we are going to highlight just a handful of our features that most people look for in their delivery management software for small businesses. You can check out more information about these admin tools here.

Customer Management: This may be our most important feature. After all, you can’t have a successful business without customers. With our customer management feature, you can view a customer’s full profile with an instant search. Customers can edit their own profiles and view details of their upcoming deliveries, edit payment methods, set text or email reminders for their orders, and even set vacation dates if they need to skip a recurring delivery. You can set up automatic welcome emails or follow up emails after they receive their first order. You can put customers on hold or assign them special membership levels so they can receive discounts or special offers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Order And Billing Management: View a customer’s order history, search how many people are ordering a particular product at certain times of the year, and allow drivers to adjust orders on the road. Administrators can quickly add products to a customer’s order if they are ordering by phone, and customers can set up deliveries months in advance. After customers place orders, they can automatically receive email invoices and receive instant feedback on processed or declined orders.

Route Management: Without GPS and automatic electronic routing systems, we’re truly not sure how the milk delivery industry thrived in the early 1900s. Thankfully, whether you’re delivering milk, water, groceries, or full meals, our system can automatically assign customers to routes. You can make as many routes as you want and draw shapes on a map to determine which geographic areas are included in which route. Whether you want to assign routes based on location or based on which day of the week a customer wants to receive their items, our system makes it easy to do so.

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Product Management: Okay, you’ve got your customers, your billing, and your deliveries all set up – but what about the items they are ordering? Having a user-friendly website that allows customers to find what they need is key to ensuring they will place their order. You can set up categories, add products, and update everything from the product images to the description to the price. Based on your industry, you can add per-pound pricing, bulk item discounts, seasonal products, pack-separately products, and more. To increase the items your customer adds to their cart, you can cross-sell related items to prompt customers to not only add bread to their cart but butter as well, for example. You can also allow customers to join membership programs that offer special pricing at certain levels, which they will be able to see when they log in to their account.

Inventory Management: Nothing is more disappointing to a customer than adding an item to their cart, paying for it, and later being told that it is actually out of stock. With our user-friendly inventory management, you can set up a product to automatically be listed as “out of stock” to avoid this, or you can set up the system to send purchase orders to your supplier based on real-time data. You can also manage bottle and cap collections if you are in the milk or water delivery industry to keep track of which customers have returned their supplies and much, much more!

Learn More About DBP Today

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about what DBP does. You can watch a demo video of our delivery software here to see how it might work for your business, hop on the phone with us to discuss our product, or apply to use our delivery management software and make sure it is a good fit. Unlike some companies who will give their software to anyone who will buy it, we want to make sure that our software will work for you before you commit, so we do have an application process that will allow us to determine together whether our customizable delivery software is the right fit for your business so you don’t waste your time and money going down a road that leads to nowhere. We look forward to working together and watching your business flourish! Get in touch with Delivery Biz Pro today!