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In the last decade, there has been a fundamental shift in how Americans shop for their food. With an increased interest in naturally grown food, organic foods, and pesticide-free production, consumers everywhere are looking to local agriculture as a solution for their own dinner table. 

Since 1998, Delivery Biz Pro has provided food delivery companies like yours with an eCommerce marketplace integrated with delivery software — optimizing deliveries by analyzing and improving upon current delivery data. Our delivery management software is specially designed to help your business manage inventories, track sales, and eliminate any inefficiencies that your business might be experiencing. According to Upserve Restaurant Insider, 33% of American consumers saying that they would be willing to pay a higher fee for faster delivery services, it is more important now than ever to optimize your delivery services and business infrastructure. 

The Challenge: Moving Consumers to Buy Produce Online

Food delivery is a valuable service that makes life easier, however, consumers have yet to completely make the switch from visiting the grocery store to visiting an online delivery marketplace. Approximately 96% of U.S. consumers still primarily shop for their groceries in the store — even though they can have those same groceries delivered to their doorstep using an online delivery service. 

One reason for the hesitancy to switch to online delivery is the challenge for some companies to be able to live up to consumers’ expectations. For instance, consumers assume that their order will be delivered quickly and accurately and don’t want to have their choices limited just because they are ordering online. They also expect to receive personalized communication throughout their buying experience — something that can be difficult to do, especially as a business starts to experience significant growth.

At Delivery Biz Pro, we have developed a delivery management system that can allow your business to get the competitive edge it needs to entice consumers to buy their produce online instead of going to a brick-and-mortar store. Learn more about our innovative delivery management and tracking software today

The Solution: Online Store That Optimizes For Each Customer’s Needs — eCommerce Specifically Built For Delivery

Delivery Biz Pro, our eCommerce delivery marketplace and software, is the tool that your business needs to efficiently track, sell, and deliver products. Check out this article to learn how one organic food delivery service, Washington Green Grocer, benefited from our software.

For businesses like WGG, one of the biggest challenges can be retaining customers and increasing order sizes. With Delivery Biz Pro, you can migrate all your past customer data into the system and get a customized online store that makes signup, ordering, and repeat ordering, so much easier. It also offers inventory management and route optimization so orders get out faster. Plus, you can increase customer retention with DBP’s automated email marketing, which uses order data to send just the right promotional email to the right customer at the right time. 

Working With Delivery Biz Pro

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